Hannes Holtermann

Content. Visuals. And some magic.

Hannes Holtermann works as a filmmakerphotographer, DOP, editor, creative producer and feelgood manager at home and on set. Occasionally, he also enjoys projects as an on-screen presenter or doing voice-overs. Sounds like an aweful lot, right? Well, here's more: As a studied journalist, Hannes has a strong editorial background. His everyday job is helping you telling your stories the best way possible - with creative visual content that has a purpose and is authentic, unique & fun to watch.

Depending on the job, Hannes works as a solo artist or in a team of other freelancers covering all stages of production: conception, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution.

Hannes' main fields of work include all things automotive, lifestyle, people, travel and events.

Hannes was born 1985, is a digital native, tech nerd, social media lover, traveller by passion and based in Hamburg, Germany.

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Filmmaker - DOP - Photographer
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